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Terms in Football that Must Be Understood


Terms in football that must be understood – The world of soccer is a sport with different levels of difficulty. The quality of the game can also be affected by teamwork. There are a variety of fun methods and gameplay in it that make the game even more challenging. When playing soccer, it is necessary to know the terms in soccer that must be known because it is one of the important things. If you don’t know these various terms, it will definitely be difficult when you play on the field, right?

For those of you who are interested in the world of football and are still novice players, recognizing various terms in football is an obligation. Don’t let you play soccer but don’t understand the concepts in it. Therefore, it is important to know that this term is an important one. Through this Situs Judi Slot Online there are various terms such as goals and several other terms that often appear. What are the terms in football that we often encounter on the field?


Terms in Football, Juggling in football

This term refers to the activity of keeping the ball at the top without touching the ground. This condition will certainly make the game even more exciting. This term comes from jogelour or joculator which means entertainer.

Dribling term in football

For those of you who often interact with soccer sports, you will certainly be familiar with the term dribbling. Dribbling means dribbling with your feet to a specific location. To do dribbling, it is necessary to look at the surrounding conditions so that it is easy to pass. This term in football is important because dribbling is important.

Shooting the Ball on the Field

One of the terms in soccer that needs to be understood is shooting the ball. Taking this action means that you will bounce with an instep kick to shoot at the goal. Apart from using the instep of the foot, you can also use the outer and inner legs. When discussing IDWIN777, shooting will definitely be the main thing.

Passing Terms in Football

Passing means to feed a teammate.

Penalties on Goal

This penalty is one of the important efforts in scoring goals. Usually it will be done at a distance of approximately 11 meters before the goal. This kick will be taken if there is a foul in the penalty box. / Dy

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