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Temujin Treasures Slot Free (Pragmatic Play) RTP 96.55%

Temujin Treasures Slot Free

Do you want to play Temujin Treasures slot free? Well, it is a slot machine with a big vision. Temujin Treasures’ concept will be based on Genghis Khan’s story and the enticement of riches to attract players to check it out. 

It’ll have a lot of potential to go along with that one-of-a-kind story of the world’s greatest conqueror. 

Temujin was the birth name of the man who would eventually become Genghis Khan, therefore we’re looking at a slot that takes some inspiration from the Mongols, though its symbols often make it look more like a Chinese game.

Temujin Treasures Slot Free: A Review

Temujin Treasures slot is a Pragmatic Play slot with 5×4 reels and 1024 chances to win. This game can award wins of up to 9,000 times your bet, as well as four progressive jackpots (Grand Jackpot is the top one). 

The game works well enough on all measures, despite its high volatility and 96.55% RTP. The Tiger Wild, Bonus, Firecrackers, the Wild Switch feature, and the Wheel with Free Games are all special features.

1. Wagering Options

In this game, you must use 38 coins or multiples of that number. You can play for as low as $0.38 every spin, but you can also go higher in terms of coins and value, up to $190 per spin.

In the end, you’ll have a slot with a high level of volatility, but with higher payouts than most. The greatest payout that the slot appears capable of creating is 9,000x the bet. There are also progressive jackpots, which are divided into four categories: Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini.

The game is predicted to have a very good RTP of 96.55% in the long run, despite all of the prizes and high volatility.

2. Slot Features

The wild symbol is a golden Tiger. Only the reels from columns 2-4 have a chance of appearing. It’s a substitution there, and it can be combined with other symbols to create new ones. If you need to replace a feature trigger, this isn’t the way to go.

Wild Switch is an intriguing feature that requires the appearance of a significant number of matching symbols on the middle three reels. 

In that region, there are 12 symbol positions, and at least 6 of them must be of the same type. If that happens, all of the symbols involved will turn into wilds, allowing you to gain a lot of money on that particular spin.

Other Symbols

Your scatter will be the Golden Dragon. It’s only for the second, third, and fourth reels. When you land on all three at the same moment, you’ll activate the Wheel With Free Games feature. 

The wheel can provide you with anywhere from 6 to 50 free spins, one of the jackpots, or smaller cash wins.

If the wheel stops spinning with a prize, whether it’s a jackpot or a normal award, the spins will continue. The wheel stops spinning once you’ve won a prize of free spins. Alternatively, the 6th wheel spin will only award free spins as rewards, requiring the feature to begin.

Now that the free spins have begun, you will notice that additional symbols are appearing on the reels. Firecrackers are scatter symbols that appear on reels 2-4. 

You’ll win a random bonus for each one you get. It might be a jackpot of up to 5,000 times the line bet, 5 additional free spins, or a multiplier wild (1x to 5x). It’s possible that one of the prizes will be awarded as a result of this.

3. The Design and Theme

Temujin Treasures’ design, despite having a Mongol motif, appears to have more Chinese influence than one may anticipate. 

For the most part, it appears to be rather normal, especially in terms of its symbols and decorations. The massive piles of gold coins that make up Genghis Khan’s treasures may be seen behind the reels.

The particular features include the Golden Tiger, Golden Dragon, and Firecrackers symbols that you will notice within. A portrait of Temujin (Genghis Khan), a Jade Elephant, Lotus Flower, fine China jug, and three gold coins are displayed by regulars. The Royals are represented by the last five symbols.

In the end of this review, it is known for its distinctive theme, but that isn’t all it has to offer. You’ll also find a number of intriguing special features, as well as large payouts and an above-average Return to Player (RTP). Now, you can play the Temujin Treasures slot free at daftar slot online site. / Dy

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