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How to Get Free Money and Love Potions in Sakura School Simulator


How to get free money and love potions in Sakura School Simulator. Sakura School Simulator is a simulator game that lets you explore a fairly large area. In this game you can do anything including students, small children and pregnant women.

In this game you can also buy groceries and items you need, for this you need to have some money to buy them.

However, how to earn money in Sakura School Simulator? Then how to get free items like love potions and weapons? Here’s how to get free money and love potions in Sakura School Simulator.

How to Get Free Money in Sakura School Simulator

  1. Visit a repair shop, talk to a mechanic, and choose a part-time job. Then you will earn money from this work. Tip: If you want to avoid ads, turn off your internet network and you can do it again and again without waiting for the ads to finish and without realizing that you have accumulated a lot of money.
  2. You can make money at the girl’s house / house, more precisely on the dressing table.
  3. You can make money at the male character’s house / house, more precisely on the bookshelf in the room.
  4. Swim in the pool and you will find money.
  5. In Yakuza Momo-gumi, you have to use a jetpack to climb up the roof of the Yakuza Momo-gumi building and you will find money on top of the building.
  6. At Himawari Yakuza’s office. To enter the room in Himawari Yakuza Office, you must first change the settings and go to System Settings > Police OFF, Cars OFF, Employees OFF, and Enemies are OFF. Then look for money in Himawari Yakuza’s office, you’ll find money in one of the rooms and, apart from love potions, you’ll also find various weapons there.
  7. Wedding chapel, you can find money on one of the benches there.
  8. Ask the teacher/principal. First you need to have a love potion or develop a relationship with the teacher/principal. After successfully attracting them, ask them for money and they will give you a large amount of money.
  9. In the park / park, enter the maze in the garden and you will find money.
  10. Go to a convenience store and you will find money behind the shop.
  11. Go to the cafe and you will see that there is a house in front of the cafe. Visit the house where a boy named Bijuu Mike lives, complete the mission he gave and after completing the mission you will receive money from him.

Where to Find Free Love Potions

  1. Climb to hospital roof with jetpack on hospital/hospital roof. The love potion is near the helipad on the hospital roof.
  2. Go to the girl’s house/house, enter the bedroom and you will find a love potion on the table right next to the bed.
  3. A house near an amusement park. You can find a house near the amusement park, which is below. Find one of the houses and the love potion will be on the dining table in the kitchen.
  4. In the sewer you will find a love potion in the sewer behind the school yard. When you find a gutter, immediately enter the room full of gutters and follow the path until you find a love potion guarded by a gold frame. After drinking the love potion, you will be attacked by a golden skeleton. So be careful.

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