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Why Running Good Might be Damaging to Your Game

Running Good Might be Damaging

Poker players may be erratic creatures. They’re bemoaning their terrible luck and whining about how the entire world is stacked against them one minute and claiming to be God’s gift to poker the next. Even the new Daniel Colman.

Running good might be damaging to the game like the variation, the terrible “v” word, is to blame for both of these extremes. I can nearly guarantee that when the great majority of poker players discuss variance, they do it in a negative light, typically utilizing variance to explain unexpected losses or losing streaks.

Running Good Might be Damaging or Winning

For winning poker players, it is generally volatility rather than poor play that has caused them to lose, thus they are justified to blame Lady Luck and the fickle finger of fate. Even the most seasoned professional players may suffer from being on the wrong side of variance.

Successful professionals have learnt how to deal with such adversity. For the rest of us, being sucked out late in tournaments while losing as a favorite or consistently running into the top of opponents’ ranges over an extended time might generate worries about our games and possibly even lead to us making inferior moves in an attempt to reverse the pattern.

Running good might be damaging to games such is the nature of man. We’re hardwired to learn from our failures and strive for excellence in all we do. It’s how we learn to walk, talk, write, and, eventually, play poker better. It only makes sense that when things aren’t going our way, we are pushed to act differently, even if doing so isn’t always advised.

If you’re making the right plays but aren’t getting rewarded for them (by winning), uncertainty creeps into your game.

Running Good Might be Damaging on All in Three Bet

What was once a simple all-in three-bet becomes a cautious all-in three-bet, and if things have been very awful, you may not even be a three-bet at all.

But  this is such a huge “but ” that it requires elasticated sweatpants – running well might be worse for your game than running poorly, and here’s why.

When you’re going poorly, you’ll go through the game with a fine-toothed comb, seeking for things you or your opponent did to find closure. This provides you the opportunity to identify faults or leaks in your own play, and when you do, you give yourself the opportunity to remedy them.

When you’re on a roll and can’t seem to make a mistake, you’re less inclined to do such self-analysis, instead blaming your success on your incredible poker abilities. You do, admit it otherwise, why are you nodding?

Running Good Might be Damaging Player because of Poor Luck

To believe that you can only lose by poor luck and only win by becoming a poker master is plainly an unhealthy equilibrium. You sound just like Phil Hellmuth now! Of course, some of your success may be attributable to the fact that you outplayed your opponents, playing hands with the agility and dexterity of a champion fencer. 

However, if you dig a little further, you’re likely to find that at least part of your winnings came from plain “running good”. For example, avoiding being sucked out in those crucial positions late in tournaments and/or involving large pots.

Greatest Pots of Running Good Might be Damaging Player

When you complete a poker session, go over your hand histories and look at the greatest pots won as well as those lost, and be honest with yourself about whether you were lucky in those hands of pkv games terbaik. This will not only keep your feet firmly on the ground, which is always a good thing, but it will also help you cope with losing streaks better since you will know that you can run well on occasion! / Dy

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