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Poke The Guy Slot Review – Betting Opt, Features and Theme

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Looking for the Poke The Guy slot review? Well, there aren’t many options better than this game for players who want something truly unique, a slot machine that isn’t likely to be imitated anytime soon. 

Microgaming has unveiled a new slot machine that will be accessible on online casinos.

Poke The Guy Slot Review Summary

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Poke the Guy isn’t your typical slot machine, as it lacks both reels and pay lines for forming winning combinations. You will, however, have the chance to win up to $15,000 during the game’s most rewarding rounds. Just check our Poke The Guy slot review below.

1. Betting Options

In the first of our Poke The Guy slot review, we will tell you about betting option. In Poke the Guy, you’ll place your wagers using the options at the bottom. The so-called Spin button, which features a fork with a force field holding an object, will have arrows on both sides, allowing you to choose another weapon to employ on the guy. 

Everything displayed will have a varied price range, with some being less expensive and others being more expensive. The overall range of your bets will be from $0.01 to $30, based on the quantity and the object chosen.

Nevertheless, there are the same prizes that may be won in this game, and they are calculated using the total bet of the spin and a multiplier that appears to be chosen at random. 

The multipliers available are 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 18x, or 500x. Naturally, this means that a jackpot of up to $15,000 is possible, and that’s with a maximum stake of $30.

2. Game Features

This slot machine is unlike any other you’ll discover right now. You don’t have any lines on which symbols can appear and form combinations; instead, you have a guy who moves at random and things that you hurl in the hopes of hitting him. 

The splash that is made on a hit will bring you a random reward, and we personally didn’t find any correlation between the Guy’s position and the amount that is paid.

There aren’t any other features to make it more thrilling, so it’s just the main character’s random movement and nothing else to keep it interesting in the long run. It could be a joke title, something to occupy your time while you think to yourself, “WTF,” but we doubt it will be played much else.

3. Theme and Design

The last of our Poke The Guy slot review, we also will talk about theme applied on this game. The idea of this strange slot machine will focus around a man traveling around in a Las Vegas-style city, complete with a variety of various buildings and monuments. Rushmore, and the Sphinx, to name a few, can all be found there. 

However, as previously stated, it appears that it makes no difference whether the building is damaged; the payment is still random. 

The Guy is flaunting himself in various bizarre positions, and he appears to be a little insane himself, as he’s dressed in a yellow suit and flaunting far too much hair on his chest and face.

Final Words

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In the end of this Poke The Guy slot review, it’s an odd slot machine, but Microgaming seemed to want us to enjoy it. It may have been entertaining if it had been half-profitable, but based on what we’ve seen so far, it isn’t going to pay well.

Microgaming’s Poke The Guy slot is one of their most interesting titles. This slot game can be found on a variety of betting sites. You can hunt for it on the internet using keywords like “reliable online casino,” “trusted betting sites,” slot online terpercaya and so on. That is all of our poke the guy slot review.

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