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Night Queen Slot Review: RTP 96.26% (iSoftBet)

Are you curious about the Night Queen slot review? This game is an iSoftBet game with vampires as the main characters and high volatility, which fortunately results in fairly high prizes. 

It’s not quite up to the level of design that we are used to seeing from this company; in fact, it’s a much more popular look, but it’s good enough to make the game playable if everything else is.

Summary of Night Queen Slot Review

They’ve used 20 active lines for the 5×3 reels that Night Queen offers. The game will pay out up to 3,723% of the stake, which sounds fantastic in theory, though the game’s high volatility would normally necessitate even higher payouts. 

The game does a lot of things right in other areas, like the RTP, which is 96.26%. The big feature symbols will be wilds and scatters, with regular features including Switching Stacks and Super Stacks, as well as Mystery Symbols, a Colossal Multiplier, and Free Spins.

1. Betting and Prizes

The stakes for a setup with 20 active lines can start as low as $0.20 and rise to a maximum of $100 per spin. This is a $5 line bet that players can place.

We know that the game will pay up to 3,723% of the stake, but that’s only after the multipliers have had a chance to help out. Otherwise, regular spins can result in wins of up to 100x the stake, and that’s just with the best symbols on the slot’s 20 combos. 

If we look at the possibility, it’s not the most inspiring game around, and a slot with high volatility can also do a lot better than this one. Even with the game’s high volatility and average rewards, the RTP will be just right, at 96.26%.

2. Game Features

Wilds are the standard substitutes in this game, so you can use them to create a variety of winning combinations. They are useful, but not exceptional.

Super Stacks is a random event that will give you super stacked symbols on the reels, but which ones will be determined on the spot. Switching Stacks is also random, and it moves stacked symbols around to improve or even create new wins.

A few stacked symbols may appear on the reels at the same time, forming winning combinations. When they unite next to each other, they activate a Colossal Multiplier. The multiplier that could result from this could be as high as 30x.

Lastly, there are free spins to be had, which are triggered by scatters, which appear in groups of three to five on as many random reels as possible. The game will reward you with 10 to 15 free spins in exchange. During free spins, Mystery symbols will appear stacked and then transform into a single type of icon.

3. Design and Theme

The game is obviously inspired by vampires, with a Queen of the Night in the lead role, and it does have a darker look to it, which is appropriate for such a story. 

We are not amazed with the design quality; in comparison to everything else available these days, it is on the average side. There are special symbols such as the Night Queen, horses, the Man, and ravens, as well as the usual Royals (10 to Ace).

Final Conclusion

In conclusion of our Night Queen slot review, the coloksgp game will provide the player with a couple of very interesting features, as well as the appropriate RTP, but it will also be boring in terms of design, have high volatility, and payouts that aren’t as high as the risk seems to demand.

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