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Make Money With Poker Without Thinking


Make Money With Poker – What would you do if you knew you could make money playing poker?

Are you thinking about quitting your job, buying a house, a new car, or any other material trappings of material wealth? Your mind is wandering whilst you play poker, you have no focus, and life appears to be passing you by.

If I am honest, I believe I am quite intelligent. I have studied quite a few gambling and poker situations and have enough sense about people and circumstances to know when I have and not to pursue certain avenues.

Without a doubt, I believe I am equipped to make money with poker. In fact, I know quite a lot about poker, and therefore have the best chance at making money with poker.

I just don’t want to make money with poker – I want to make money doing something I love. I therefore threw my hat into the ring of opportunity and engaged my services to various poker playing and poker writing opportunities.

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Just Enough Luck In Make Money With Poker


Several opportunities hit my desk regarding poker playing, and I was fortunate enough to be hired to various tasks, each of which had its own unique personality and expertise.

I rotated from website to website, taking on various titles along the way as and when sufficient orders were placed, and so at the end of the year I learned how to become a master in certain areas, and started making money with poker – something I had never tried to do.

It took me a year, but in the end, I turned a profit. Not a huge windfall, but a profit nonetheless. I then set about increasing my international customers, and invested heavily in online marketing.

Fortunately, the company I worked for made it easy for me to quit when I reached a level of sales not worthy of the time and effort I was putting in, and so I went back to the poker tables to grind out a living.

Unfortunately, the recession continued, and in addition to that, poker and blackjack tables were filling up with people who wanted to play. I soon found that the tables were not filling up as fast as I was making more and more cash. I harder I looked for new players.

Then I discovered online…I invested some time and effort into learning how to play the game, but it was too difficult for me to do so without betting hands, which I didn’t feel comfortable about. Plus, there was the added problem of me being Hitman at the casino and not being able to sit at a normal table, where I could get up and move my bets when I was winning.

Then I thought – why not get a company that filters out the bad ones, and allows me to play at tables that I was comfortable with? Plus, it meant I could play in my underwear.

A friend of mine asked me to speak at his company’s presentation at the 2006 WSOP. He had heard me discuss various methods of playing the game, and wanted to learn. I said I would do, and that he should give me a formal introduction to the poker room.

We sat down, across from each other in an empty poker room. He gave me a membership card, and I took it to the cashier and asked to set up an account. They accepted it, I set up the account, and then we started talking about various poker things.

Trying Poker Games The Online Way

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, we were playing poker and betting on various tournaments online. We were both doing well at the same time, and he started making some money.

At this point I improved my game, and started to win at the casinos. Then we started to discuss various professional poker events, and I learned a lot. We started to talk about how I didn’t win nearly as much as he did, yet I was doing better than he was.

From there, we started to talk about the various ways of being successful at the casinos, and I broadened my knowledge of betting.

We spent a lot of time talking about what important lessons we could teach each other, although we didn’t really agree on exactly what the lessons were. (We do agree on one thing, though.) We also started to disagree about the flaws of others’ poker strategies, and he started to sell his own poker strategy guides.

It was an interesting couple of years; we won’t call it a partnership; but we did agree to disagree, and it didn’t work out. (Just not in time for the poker tournament; sorry about the spoiler.) We tried to make it work, but it wasn’t to be.

Very few people know the story of how we parted ways. The reason why I left is probably more to do with the business of the poker rooms than the game itself.

I agree with the balance of power among the players, and the fact that the casinos have to give the players some tangible item of value.

That’s the review about Make Money With Poker Without Thinking that I can convey, hopefully it will be useful information and a source of inspiration for you. /Aha

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