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How to Rules for Online Blackjack Gambling

How to rules for online blackjack gambling. As a legendary gambling game, online blackjack gambling is in great demand by online gamblers. There are strict and clear rules in this game. What are the rules?

Gambling number 21 or commonly known as blackjack is a casino gambling that is already very popular to be played conventionally in casinos. Gamblers who try this game feel very comfortable in playing this game because for cheating to occur in this blackjack game is very small? Why is that? Because every player will be given the same right to add or not add cards in an effort to maximize hand cards approaching or reaching number 21.

So players don’t just rely on luck and just accept the cards they get. There are efforts that players can make to maximize their winnings. With a way of playing that is applied like this, the possibility of cheating is very small. This is the reason why the blackjack gambling game is in demand and liked.

And as I explained above that blackjack gambling is usually played in casinos, but don’t worry for those of you who want to do blackjack gambling activities, you can do this by joining an online agen judi togel site. As far as I know this online gambling game is quite safe to do because the gambling site is already mature and ready to choose to be based abroad.

So that this activity is difficult to track by the Indonesian authorities and even if the online gambling site website is blocked by Kominfo, the online gambling site will move. Quick to immediately open a new domain which causes the authorities to be overwhelmed in dealing with online gambling sites that are increasingly scattered.

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How to Rules for Online Blackjack Gambling

These are some of the rules applied in online blackjack gambling games

  1. This game is played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players where one player must act as a dealer
  2. Each player is dealt 2 cards in an open state except for the dealer who is given 1 face card and 1 open card
  3. Serving as a dealer must be a player who has a predetermined minimum number of chips in each game room
  4. Each player will be given 10 seconds to try to get their cards close to or get the number 21 starting from the player who occupies the seat at the far right except for the player who immediately gets a blackjack card in the first 2 cards.
  5. Players who are trying to make their cards worth or close to number 21 but it turns out that the cards they get are worth more than 21, then they are immediately declared losers.
  6. If 2 player cards are twin cards, then the player is allowed to use the split menu, which is to divide the card into 2 different bets
  7. If the dealer’s 1 open card is an A card then the player is allowed to buy insurance worth half of the amount bet
  8. Players who buy insurance will be paid 2 times the value of purchasing insurance if the dealer gets a 21 card (blackjack)
  9. Players who get the number 21 (Blackjack) will be paid 1.5 times the amount bet by the player who serves as the dealer.
  10. Players and dealers who get the same card value are considered a draw (no one wins or loses)
  11. The dealer is not allowed to hit (add cards) if the card is equal to or above the number 17
  12. The winner is determined from the highest value between the dealer’s card and the player’s card but must not exceed 21. / Dy

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