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How Many Lottery Winners Have Been Murdered? The Tragic Stories of Big Jackpot winners

Becoming a lottery winner with exorbitant prizes may have been the dream of many people. Yes, who doesn’t want to become rich suddenly and get a very large prize? But we know that money will not buy happiness. Actually, if you think it’s a curse, winning the Mega Millions jackpot may cause you to be unhappy. It might even destroy your life. As stated by New York Daily News, more than 69% of lottery winners ended up bankrupt within 7 years. Worse, many lottery winners have died horribly or seen those near them suffer.

When ordinary people get windfall, the money can be used to buy things that you have been or feel the glamorous lifestyle of world celebrities. But it turns out, the life of many lottery winners is not as beautiful as one can imagine. In fact, many lottery winners have admit their life turn to worse after being able to win prizes with very large nominal values.

Most of them even regretted having won the lottery. Who are they? Here’s the story of the lottery winner who ended up like dead.

Here are a few infamous cases of winning the lottery gone wrong:

1. Abraham Shakespeare

Shakespeare won the Florida lottery at 2009. At the time his winning was $30 million. However he did not have a great deal of time and failed to invest it. Police say Shakespeare, 47, was shot twice in the torso around April 2009 with a .38-caliber gun. However, he was not reported as a missing person until mid November 2009. Shakespeare’s body was discovered below a sea of cement at a garden on January 2010.

DeeDee Moore, a woman from Tampa was afterwards found guilty for the murder and then sentenced for life in the prison.

Prosecutors contended that DeeDee, age 40, was close with Shakespeare until he disappeared. before that, it was found that the poor guy had given away everything to DeeDee. Moore consented to handle the little money he’d left, but prosecutors stated, the woman stole his money and then proceed to kill him.

2. David Lee Edwards

Edwards was jobless when he join the ranks of lottery winners and won a portion of a $280 million jackpot in 2001. He had been a ex-convict, also at that time his large triumph had been the third biggest lottery pot in U.S. history. Edwards, initially from Kentucky, received a $27 million lump sum worth of money after taxes.

David Lee Edwards was involved in a robbery and convicted in 1981. He then served out his sentence until 1997. A few years after he won the lottery, Edwards was evicted from his luxurious mansion in Florida because he neglected to repay dues to the association of homeowners.

The poor sod then lost all of his cash in only a couple of years. He was found ended up in human feces in a storage dump sometimes later.

Edwards died in 2013, while staying at the Hospice Care Community Center in Ashland, Kentucky. He was 58.

3. Jeffrey Dampier

Dampier won the Illinois lottery worth $20 million at 1996. His demised came nine years after he had turned into a popcorn entrepreneur in Tampa, Florida.

As the owner of Kassie’s Gourmet Popcorn at Tampa, Dampier was kidnapped in 2005 by Victoria Jackson, the sister of his wife (whom he had sexual relation), along with Victoria’s boyfriend, Nathaniel Jackson.

Prosecutors said the two of them tied Dampier’s hands using shoelaces and pressured him into a van. When they drove , Nathaniel Jackson passed the rifle into his girlfriend said, “Take him or I will take a shot at you,” prosecutors said. Victoria choose to live and proceed to squeeze the trigger, shooting once at the rear of Dampier’s head.

Authorities stated Dampier had a sexual extra marital relationship with his wife sister Victoria. He also showered her with many luxury gifts using the lottery money until he was murdered by her.

4. Urooj Khan

Khan, is an immigrant from India. The 46-year-old indian already owned 3 dry-cleaning and laundry companies in Chicago, before he won $1 million from Illinois Lottery in 2012. Khan said at the time of his winning, he was going to use that money to pay off his bills and mortgage. He also made a donation to St. Jude Research Center for Children’s.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t happen. Khan died a day following the nation of Illinois cut a check for about $424,000 (his one time payment for his winning after tax)

He threw blood up exactly the identical afternoon, a comparative stated .

The doctor first concluded that the cause for Khan’s death was natural causes. But six months after, police said that they had performed additional tests and decided that his death was caused by cyanide poisoning. Nobody was ever charged for this murder.

5. Michael Carroll

Carroll, won almost $15 million in a baseball sportsbetting match back in 2002. At the age of 26, he went bankrupt following dishing out the money on cocaine, hookers along with parties and luxurious automobiles.

the Huffington Post reports he had been nicknamed “the Lotto lad” and spent his remaining fortune onto menial things. Like quad bikes, demolition-derby automobiles, gaudy jewellery, and a crappy villa in Spain.

Carroll was detained in 2006 for drug possession and was convicted shortly after.

6. Jack Whittaker

Whittaker was born in West Virginia. He was already a rich man, worth roughly $17 million when he won the Powerball jackpot for $314 million in 2002.

Following his winnings, Whittaker had thousands of dollars in money stolen by his automobiles, home and workplace. He pleaded guilty threatening to kill and assaulting a pub manager. Afterwards he had been detained twice for drunk-driving and was accused of groping some women. But it was not the worst, his story continue.

In 2004, his granddaughter, a 17-year-old Brandi Bragg, was discovered wrapped below a van outside her boyfriend’s home. State authorities said that her body was there for months, a report said that the girl might have died from an overdose.

His daughter also died of unknown causes. Whittaker and his wife said to the New York Daily News, if they knew what would happen they would torn the ticket right away.

7. Billie Bob Harrell Jr..

In June of 1997, life was great for Harrell Jr. and his wife, Jean Barbara. They held the sole winning ticket to Lotto Texas, a jackpot worth $31 million.

Following his big triumph, it was reported that Harrell Jr. bought a ranch, in addition he also bought six houses for himself as well as other relatives. He also bought new cars for his children and wife. He made substantial gifts to his church. Many members of this congregation needed aid, Harrell Jr. helped them using his money.

But his life began to turn for the worse after his lending and spending went out of control.

After breaking up with his spouse, Harrell Jr. locked himself in his bedroom, then stripped off all his garments, pressed on a shotgun barrel against his chest, and pulled the trigger, the police said.

Before his death, Harrell Jr. told his financial advisor: “Probably the worst thing happened to me personally was to win the lottery

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Like getting a windfall, the money can be used to buy things that you have wanted or to experience the glamorous lifestyle of world celebrities.

But it turns out, life to be a lottery winner is not as beautiful as one might imagine. In fact, many lottery winners have to be willing to endure bad luck after being able to win prizes with very large nominal values.

Most of these lottery winners even regretted having won the lottery. As for Steve and Lenka Thomson, well they are still living a good live for the time being.

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