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4 Things in Hit It Big Slot Review That You Should be Careful

Hit It Big Slot

Always wanted to be on a big TV game show? Do you dream of 1 Against 100 with Caroline Tensen, or Deal or No Deal? Then the Hit It Big slot from Elk Studios is for you. 

Because while you play, it’s like you’re in the final round, about to win big prizes. The voice you hear in the background of Hit It Big is perhaps most reminiscent of Hans van der Togt and his Wheel of Fortune. But is this slot just as exciting?.

Hit It Big Slot Review

1. How Does Hit It Big Work?

The Hit It Big slot is basically very simple: five reels with three symbols per reel and only five paylines. 

The reels feature different types of sevens, BARs and a crown as a Wild symbol (joker).

Above and below each reel are additional spaces. Every spin a feature appears in each slot. Two identical features above and below the same reel will give you that feature. There are four:

  • Multiplier – If you win a prize, it will be multiplied by x2, x5, x10 or x50. A combination of these multipliers is also possible
  • Respin – You get a free respin
  • Stacked Wilds – All symbols on this reel turn into Wilds
  • Locked Wilds – The first and fifth reels turn completely into Wilds and you get three free respins

What makes it special is that all the above features can also occur in combination. So a respin with stacked wilds or a multiplier of x2 and x10 with locked wilds. Everything is possible.

2. The Bonus Game

There is also a domino99 bonus game. Spin three Hit It Big symbols on the screen and you win the Bonus Game. Your slot machine turns into a kind of goose board. 

In addition, you press the button and a neon box lights up with a multiplier in it. You collect multipliers in this way, until a box lights up with a bandit (thief) on it. Then the Bonus Game is over.

3. The 1000 Spins on Hit It Big

We did play 1000 real money spins, in this case with the minimum bet of$0.20 per spin.

What is striking about the final Hit It Big is the special soundtrack. You hear the fat American voice of a so-called showmaster who keeps the tension going. Or well, that is the intention. 

Often comes his cry ‘ You are on fire tonight! ‘, followed by applause. It’s fun for a while, but gets boring quickly.

The game then. It soon becomes apparent that the Multiplier feature occurs most often. But it also turns out that this feature often yields nothing at all. 

Of the 97 spins with a multiplier, the result is 74 times: 0 dollars. Sadly, especially if your multiplier is 5x or higher.

The Stacked Wilds also appear quite often, 22 times to be exact. But here too the following applies: often there is no price. 

Fourteen times out of 22 times the amount won is: $0.00. The highest win is $18, due to a combination of Stacked Wilds and a multiplier x10.

The Locked Wilds feature only comes along once. Once. The profit: $2.80. Mmm, and even worse, the most promising feature, the Bonus Game, does not show up at all during this test session. 

According to Elk Studios, you hit the Bonus Game on average once every 248 spins, so we had bad luck. Yes, after 1000 spins of twenty cents each, there is a relatively solid loss of $32.55 on the screen.

4. Conclusion

We cannot give a really good opinion about Hit It Big slot, because the bonus game did not pass. However, if you don’t get the Bonus Game (and that risk is quite high), this slot will eat your money quickly.

The ambiance of a game show on television is quite nice, but after a few hundred spins you have seen that too. And that American voice quickly gets tired of a person. ‘ You’re on fire tonight! ‘ Piss off!.

Source : https://srt.monster/slot-server

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