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6 Reasons Why Betting and Gambling is a Sin! Share it with your loved ones

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There are many reasons why betting and gambling is a sin. People may not realize this until it is too late. But we are here to tell you first and before you try gambling at all.

Gambling is a dangerous activity and it is always forbidden in mostly all and every religion. No matter what your religion is, gambling is always a sin. There maybe an activity of gambling during the old times that show you gambling is legal.

These are just examples that at the end of the day does not matter.

In this article, we will fully discuss with you all the the reasons why betting and gambling is a sin. So be sure that you read until the end.

What is Considered as Betting and Gambling?

Before you learn the reasons, you might want to understand what counts as betting and gambling. Betting and gambling is an activity where a person puts their money with uncertainty. This may not always be the case about money.

Because betting could also be things such as riches and anything valuable. People put their valuable things on the line without uncertainty.

When they win an agreement, they are going to get more than what they have put up for risk. This is what is called as  betting and gambling.

There are many situations in history where betting and gambling has evolved. First of all, there are things called as sports betting and match betting. These kinds of betting is using sports as the main event. The main event in which people place money.

If the match is won by one side, then whoever bets on that match gets all of the money. This is considered as gambling and it should not be allowed. There are many ethical as well as moral reasons why gambling is bad in general.

Moreover, you could also get sin if you get involved in any types of gambling activity. Such as becoming the person responsible for the matches or similar activities. The truth is, gambling is always a taboo. It is only in western as well as some Asian countries where gambling is actually allowed. And most people who played it would not believe in sins anyways. If you want to try gambling games, you can play in here.

Reasons Why Betting and Gambling is a Sin

We are going to discuss further all of the reasons why betting and gambling is a sin. These reasons are derived from religion and mainly Christianity.

Gambling is Lustful

Gambling is actually an act that comes close to being unable to hold back lust. It is said that because gambling is addictive and makes people unable to stop doing it. Once you try gambling, it will be hard for people to stop gambling and this is a very dangerous act.

Whereas in the Bible it is clearly written in Colossians 3: 5 “Therefore, turn off in yourselves everything that is worldly, namely fornication, uncleanness, lust, evil lust and also greed, which is the same as idolatry.” It is clear that God hates lustful humans and is far from the characteristics of wise people according to the Bible.

Lust is something that is forbidden. From things such as harming, killing, lying, sex, and so much more. Gambling is just as sinful as these kinds of activities. God does not want human beings to be lustful. Instead, you should be able to control that lust.

Controlling lust will show that you are still obeying to God and live by the rules. This is one of the main reasons why betting and gambling is a sin. If you cannot control this lust, then you will receive sin just as anything else.

Economically Draining

One of the most contributing reason is when it comes to economy as well as financial. Gambling is no different from following the deeds of the flesh. Because gambling illustrates the relationship between Christian faith and the economy. Where a person is tested for their greed and love of money. A character that God wants for a person to achieve is hard work.

You cannot keep on finding shortcuts and get rich overtime by gambling. Because when it comes to gambling, not everyone can win. every time that you win money, always remember that other people loses it. You cannot simply win in poker or in other kinds of gambling if no other people loses. As a result, this could also be linked to stealing. When you prioritize money over God, this is considered as a sin. And you cannot handle the greed that is placed upon your shoulders.

Gambling Leads to Desperateness

Every gambler will have to face losses. It is just that some players face losses more than others. For example, you have seen so many types of people going in debt. The debt is way too much that they could not even pay it on their own. These people keep on falling into a gambling cycle. They are not able to get out of their own debt. This is because the debt that they have fallen into is way too big to repay. People often borrow money and then bet to gain that money that they have lost back.

Hence the term gambling leads to desperateness. When people who started gambling ended up desperate, they will do all sorts of things. Some of which are things such as stealing, criminal activities, drugs, and so much more. This same cycle can be seen in other types of addiction as well. Gambling is a sin because it is a toxic cycle of life.

It was included in the bible, that for the love of money is the root of all evil. This also pushed people to do criminal acts. When someone is desperate, they do things that they should not have done.

Actions That Draws You Further From God

God wants people to be filled with positive vibes every single day. This also includes participating in positive activities. If you are involved in negative activities, what you will get is that you would be stuck in a vicious cycle. Positive activity includes having hobbies such as sports, music, writing, and so much more.

Gambling is also said to be a futile act which is written in the word of God. Remember the words of Ecclesiastes 1: 2, “Sheer vanity, says the Ecclesiastes, sheer vanity, everything is vanity.”

 Therefore, gambling is also a futile thing and should be avoided. It would be better if they were replaced by positive actions such as drawing closer to God and sharpening the purpose of the gift of the Holy Spirit. So that the life that is lived will be more blessed than just spending time gambling. By gambling every day, it will certainly be a waste of time and not produce any good. It is different when filling spare time with other activities that are more useful. You would be wasting hours of good time on this activity itself.

Gambling is Not a Blessing

One of the most verses that you should remember is that quickly acquired wealth will diminish, which comes from Proverbs 13:11. But then whoever accumulates little by little will become rich. Gambling acquires wealth instantly, so it cannot last. But God’s blessings obtained by a better way will certainly last longer and bring the principles of love about the Bible in obtaining blessings.

God will give his blessings day by day if you are willing to put in the effort. This means that no other people will have to face losses just for your gain. Gambling is never a blessing and it might actually be a bad thing to be invested to.

Those are some explanations of the law of gambling according to Christianity. It is clear that God does not like these actions. Therefore, you should avoid gambling in life. We recommend that you use your spare time for things that are more useful, so that it is more pleasing to God’s eyes. With better deeds and with the benefit of praying, anyone can stay away from gambling.

Gambling is Corrupting the Mind

Positive activities are always better than activities that corrupt your mind. Take for example poker. If you play poker over and over again. There is no doubt that you will get addicted and you will be hooked up to this game. The game of poker is very powerful because it can corrupt your mind.

Every single time you try to do something else, your mind is already attached to poker. This is what is meant by how gambling is corrupting the mind. On top of that, gambling actually pushes you further away from the people that care for you the most. Take for example families, friends, as well as relatives. When you play poker, they are going to be further pushed away from you. Because all that you would worry about is that game of card itself. Do not be attached to this game over and over again because gambling is a sin.

God wants his followers to have a clean mind that is not corrupted. That is why up to this date, gambling is not allowed and it is considered as a sin.

Gambling Makes People Guilty

Ever felt that you feel guilty once you have gambled away your money? Maybe if you win, you might not feel a single guilt at all. But if you lose, you would feel really really bad. This is a fact that all gamblers have to face. Guilt is faced when you have lost a lot of money. This money could have been used for the greater better. For example supporting your family, your child’s tuition, and so much more.

Gambling is sinful because it will always haunt you. The fact that you lose money will make you regret that you played this game. To get that feeling out of the way, you need to step closer into God again. This is because sin can always be forgiven. But if it is repetitive, then there is no point to get your sin repented.

Gambling Leads to Alcohol Abuse

There are always verses that says do not harm your body because your body is God’s vessel. This is true even for gambling. every time a person gambles, they are situated in a place in which there will be alcohol. Alcohol can be found in casinos. And every time you see alcohol, you would be intrigued to try it.

People that often gambles will have to face losses. And every time they do, they need to relax. Relaxation can only be achieved from things such as drugs, alcohol, as well as smoking. And all of these are harmful to your body. When gambling becomes very stressful for a person to handle, it is easy to lead to alcohol abuse. You would not just be addicted to gambling as well as casinos. Instead, you would be addicted to alcohol, drugs, and so many other things. This will destroy your life. That is why God does not want you to fall into this sin. And this is a reason why gambling is a sin.

Gambling Stresses People

Many people that fell into debt eventually faces things such as depression and stress. In order to live a good life, you do not need to find a source of stress. Instead try to look for happiness, goodness, as well as kindness in the best possible way.

When a person gambles, they are getting a shot of adrenaline surging through their body. But this adrenaline only lasts for a short amount of time. So by the time that adrenaline is finished, they are going to feel stress and depressions. Especially after loosing a lot of money. This is a reason gambling is a sin and that it should not be done by anyone. That is all about why gambling is a sin and be sure that you stay away from gambling.


Article about reasons why betting and gambling is a sin. May be useful for you all.

With the development of internet technology, gambling is really close to you. There are so many online gambling sites on the internet. You need to be aware of the main effects of gambling on addiction risk.

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