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Fast Deposit at Qiu-Qiu Online Gambling Sites


Fast deposit at Qiu-Qiu online gambling sites. There are, in fact, many Bandarqq online gambling sites. But not all are most trusted. The most trusted Qiu-Qiu online gambling sites is Bandarqq. This site is a well known and most trusted online card game site. Many people are members of this online gambling site. This online gambling site has many advantages compared to other card gambling sites. This site offers a lot of bonuses and relieves its members. Here is his story.


The Bandarqq site is a Qiu-Qiu online gambling sites that provides relief to some of its members. The Domino QQ online gambling site is very easy to open and not slow. Depositing at this online gambling site is really quick and easy. The dealer is still ready to help if the member has problems. The deposit system and terms of deposit on this website are the same as on the usual online gambling sites.


Making a deposit at qiu qiu online gambling sites is not the same as making a normal deposit. The deposit is here to buy chips. Buying chips is easy too. First, we need to enter the Domino QQ site first. After successful registration, a deposit process takes place. However, if it is not clear, follow the deposit methods below.


The first thing you need to do in order to make a deposit at any Qiu-Qiu online gambling sites is to look for an active bookmaker account number. The deposit menu shows lines of bookmaker account numbers that are currently active by several issuing banks. Just select one of the accounts you want to switch to. However, emphasize that the account number is an active account number. If in doubt, ask the dealer. Also see the offline times of each bank. Do not transfer the time offline.


After getting an active account number, check out the minimum deposit value on the website. Each qiu qiu online gambling site decides the minimum deposit value. At Domino qq, the minimum deposit is 50,000. So make a deposit above that number or at least 50,000.

Fixed deposit makes unique numbers for the last three numbers. For example 50,113 or 50,637. The unique number at the end of the deposit value is necessary so that the merchant can determine our deposit without difficulty and process it immediately.


When the transfer value has been confirmed. After that, of course, the transfer must take place. After the transfer, simply put on the transfer receipt until the deposit has actually been received on our account. After the transfer, we can carry out the verification immediately.

But before you check, first emphasize that the money we are transferring has been deposited in the bookmaker’s account. Because if the money has not been received, but a transfer has been made, this is considered a fake deposit and the account threatens to be blocked.


After a successful transfer, now is the time to verify. To check out the trick by going back to the bandarQQ online website. After successful registration, you will return to the menu item Deposit. From the deposit menu, select the confirmation menu. When selecting the verification menu, there is a sheet or deposit form that must be completed.

Fill out the form completely, starting with the deposit amount, deposit date, deposit time and account direction. Compare the data with the proof of transfer. After a search and apparently it was correct to send the deposit form. As soon as the form is sent, the deposit is immediately credited to the deposit balance.

This is just the step of making a deposit at a Qiu-Qiu online gambling sites. Pretty quick and easy. If the deposit doesn’t come in immediately, just wait a maximum of 5 minutes. If it is more then do the verification with the dealer via chat using the live chat facilities available. / Dy

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