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Better Poker Player by Knowing About the Gambler’s Fallacy


Better poker player by knowing about the gambler’s fallacy. Maybe you have noticed that most of the pro poker players you see on TV have in common. The ability to read their opponents at the poker table. That comes across as very intelligent and totally unerring, unless you are a novice at the game.

Although it is a well known fact that psychology plays a big part in poker. There is another more interesting and important side to poker betting. Which is the fact that a player can make his hand stronger if he has more money in his pocket.

Better Poker Player in a Way

Like what you may have already discovered for yourself while watching poker tournaments. You also have an instinctive feeling that a certain hand should be higher than all the others. And depending on the feeling time and again. A part of your brain will make the decision for you based on it’s gut feeling.

This is extra something that everybody doesn’t have a high degree of and most people don’t know how to go about it. Mostly don’t take the time to feel the game out or to follow what the blinds are doing. This makes you a different poker player in a way.

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Because of the way poker tournaments are structured. You are quite likely to get a high number of “garbage” hands during the course of a evening. You shouldn’t trust those hands, as they are likely to be hands that you opponents are going to figure out. And in fact, that opponents will be trying to set a trap against you as well.

You can use this to your advantage at the poker table, for example, when you are later in a tournament when your stack is depleted, because your opponents may gamble thinking you will be less aggressive, and more trusting of your hand, and as a result they may call you all-in.

This of course is not the only time this may happen, but it is a convenient strategy to speeds up the game. While making it more interesting and harder for your opponents to figure out whether you have a good hand.

As the blinds speed up in a poker tournament. And as the sitting and waiting for your blind to act becomes more and more common. A good poker player will be able to make a quick buck or two.

And sometimes even a living, by taking advantage of his opponents’ inability to interpret their cards and constantly guessing. This is something that all poker players though to be an important skill to learn. Yet one that many players seem to underestimate.

Learning How to Play Well

This kind of poker playing is not for everyone. Everyone needs time to learn how to play well starting out, and hoping that luck will be on your side. If you are seasoned and smart enough to make a living from poker. However, you can be extremely successful in this field.

First, you have to commit to learning the essentials of the game such as betting, when to play, and more, and to realize that knowledge is power in this game. Second, you need to have a clear understanding of how poker tournaments work and how you can benefit from entering and winning one. Third, you need to realize that becoming a successful player is not “real” money making; it is about winning lots of small pots, not about killing big ones.

To be successful in this game, where so many others will be fighting to the final pot. You need to have patience as the action barrels toward you. If you allow yourself to get frustrated, you may well lose big pots that you could have won. Or you may be sitting on a great hand that you’ll be waiting for a long time to actually get a pay off.

Furthermore, poker tournaments also mean that the person with the most money at the end of the night will likely be among the few to walk away with the biggest sum. If you’re concerned about where your money is at risk. Then you simply should not be gambling online, unless you also have a high speed internet connection.

In short, poker situs slot online requires a lot of skill and not everyone can do well in the game. If you’re used to playing poker in casinos. Then you will likely find the online version much more difficult, and much less entertaining. Especially if you’re not a poker shark.

If, however, you’re someone who is curious about how the game is played online. And you want to learn in a cost effective way. Then I think that you’ll find that this is the perfect game for you.

Stay tuned as I will cover other types of games. Including the never ending challenge and competition of the HORSE Poker tournament. / Dy

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